My summer to-do list

I have just completed my first year as a principal…WOO HOO!!! While I wish it was time to relax and reflect for next year, I am realizing now that I don’t have time for that, because there’s still so much to do. (Of course I spend time relaxing and reflecting, but I don’t have time to procrastinate on the rest) I am on a 225 day contract, but will definitely end up working more than my 225 days with summer school in session right now and my to-do list.

Here’s my to-do list as of now, please feel free to add anything I might be missing in the comments. I want to make sure that I don’t forget to do anything this summer. (They’re not in any particular order, just as I thought of them. Maybe I should get organized enough and put them in order of importance…maybe later)

-Summer book study ongoing with staff throughout June (10 volunteers participating!)
-Revise student/staff handbooks
-Prepare teacher/student resources for PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support)
-Revise specials schedule
_Revies SIT (student intervention team) process
-Update school website/start a principal’s blog for parent communication
-Revise all staff info. for next year (duty schedules, calling tree, comiittees, etc.)
-Plan back to school in-service days
-Send out staff letter in July-Summer Leadership Team meeting
-Put together plan for new teacher support (in a small district, so there is no plan and I need to create one!)
-Check on summer maintenance work
-plan training for bus drivers
-Find better system for me to organize my documentation (or my entire office for that matter!)
-Start getting ideas ready for next year’s school-wide theme: “Learning…Capture the Adventure”

Help—am I forgetting anything?? Do you have any ideas to help me with any of these?

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