Time Management 101

Here’s my December article from NAESP’s Communicator:
During my first year as principal, I got into classrooms as much as possible. In my building, there was no previous practice of a principal presence in the classrooms other than the formal teacher observation on a three-year cycle. I made it a priority to get into classrooms to get to know teaching styles and the students, often just leaving a positive message on a Post-it note.

I started this year with the best intentions of not only getting into classrooms more, but leaving more meaningful feedback for teachers to promote further reflection and dialogue to improve student learning. At the start of the year, I met with each teacher to find out what teaching standard he or she would like me to focus on when I come into the classroom so I can tailor my feedback to each teacher’s goals.

To plan for this, my secretary and I came up with a strategy for her to manage my schedule so that both meeting and classroom time are marked on my calendar. I thought the plan was brilliant. However, I also took on additional duties this year as the district assessment coordinator (part of being in a small district). My plan did not account for how much time my new duties require. I am now ashamed to admit that I’m rarely in classrooms, to the point that a few kindergartners have mistaken the recess monitor as the principal.

I’d like to hear any time-management/organization tips that other principals have to make time for the classrooms and not stay in the office until 10 p.m. with paperwork.

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  1. JD Prickett


    Try Douglas Reeves’s book: “The Daily Disciplines of Leadership.” Good stuff there. Or send me your email and I will forward you a couple of documents my professor has us use for just this thing (I’m in a doctoral program).

    But really, the same thing has happened to me. I set up a calendar through Outlook with my secretary, and then I became the after-school director for our district. Time management is still, after 8 years in administration, my biggest struggle.

    Take care. Keep blogging…


  2. mallorca


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