Why am I blogging every day in June?

Day 2 of Spilling Ink Challenge…blogging every day in June. http://writenowtroup.blogspot.com/

I’m currently on maternity leave (well, kind of, but I’ll blog about that tomorrow), so why did I get myself into this challenge to blog everyday when I barely have time to shower? I want to feel connected to other great educational leaders again and be motivated to plan for another great school year. During the times that I stayed active on twitter, I was constantly dialoging with other leaders…on twitter, through their blogs, chat rooms, emails, online book studies, etc. I feel like it kept me current, motivated me and saved me from the “island” that the daily life of a principal can feel like.

During the last few months of my pregnancy I was not the best principal…I had to follow doctor’s orders to stay off my feet as much as possible or go on bed rest. So, I became a “paper pusher” sitting in my office the majority of the day. After putting my son to bed at night, I was so exhausted that I rarely checked twitter or other blogs for my online PLN (twitter is blocked at school).

So now, that is why I am joining this challenge to blog each day in June…even though it means I might not get the blog posted until just before midnight and it has taken me all day to try to type it during baby naps…and that I typed most of this with one hand while holding the baby. I’m taking the challenge with the hopes of getting feedback from others and following their blogs as well to stay current and motivated by other educational leaders.

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  1. Larry Fliegelman


    Welcome to the challenge. I still sometimes try to type while bouncing my 1-year old son to sleep in my arms.

    It is great that you are throwing yourself back into things through your blog (and more, it seems).

    Anyway, glad to read you.

    My blog Spilling Ink Challenge: http://principalspov.blogspot.com/

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