Maternity Leave for the Principal? Not Really

Day 3 of posting a blog a day for Spilling Ink Challenge

I had my baby on Friday, May 14th…a beautiful, perfect baby boy who looks identical to my first son. My maternity leave started that day…or did it? Well, let’s see. I stayed home that day from work timing my contractions all day ( finally went to the hospital at 5pm), but I had checked my work email several times that day. I was in to work 4 days later with my newborn in tow (after kids were gone to avoid germs) to get everything set up for the scoring of our Spring 6 Traits Assessment for 3,5,7 and 9th grade students. Since that day I have now logged 16 hours of going in to complete various tasks: compiling 6 Traits Assessment data, printing spring reading reports, a few meetings, and dealing with some staff issues (some people seem to think they don’t have to continue business as usual without me there!). This time does not include the numerous phone calls I’ve received from school to check with me on this or that or the time I’ve spent from home keeping up with emails and corresponding with staff about end of the year stuff.

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