I’m leading the school, but I cannot delegate!

Day 7 of blogging 30 days in June (that’s my new way to still meet the challenge…not necessarily every day, but 30 blog posts!)

Later on I’ll be posting about my reflection on this past school year…what went well, what didn’t and my goals for next year. But, I’m not ready to get that deep in thought yet (I’m sleep deprived).

I will touch on an area of weakness that I believe is common among many administrators…the ability to delegate. I will admit, I am horrible at this. I am in charge of a school, but I am horrible at delegating. When I say that outloud, it almost sounds like the two are completely incompatible with each other, but I know I’m not the only one. I am afraid to delegate tasks to others, because I simply just feel bad. All of my staff (well, most of them) work so hard and I don’t want to add to their pile of work. I don’t want to give people things to complain about. I believe in “feeding the teachers so they don’t eat the students.” This means I end up doing a LOT of work. This means I spend way too much of my maternity leave at school. I actually went into school THREE different times today for various tasks…yup, pathetic, I know!! Well, I’m proud to say that after my third trip in, I delegated a task to my secretary, because I am refusing to go to work tomorrow!

If anyone reads this, can you please share some wisdom on improving in this area?

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