Meeting an "Educational Celebrity"

One of the benefits of being on twitter is that you can tap into the minds of great educators and educational leaders. Even more so, you can connect with the gurus or “educational celebrities.” One of the “greats” that I’ve been fortunate to connect with on Twitter is Todd Whitaker. I’d even like to say I helped get him on twitter, because about a year ago, someone tweeted that they were attending his conference (I can’t remember who this was) and I replied that they need to tell him to get on twitter. OK, that’s probably a stretch, but he’s on twitter now, so that’s what matters!

Anyhow, after years of reading Whitaker’s books I have now been following him on twitter for almost a year. What is great about Todd is that he actually spends time connecting with educators on twitter and responds to our questions. He has been like a personal coach for me over the past few months, answering several questions through twitter, email and a phone call.

Last week while attending the AWSA Convention I got to hear Todd speak about Motivating Teachers during Difficult Times. I was more than excited that Todd recognized me when he saw me and chatted with me before/during/after his session. After his session, he gave me his speaker’s badge (teachers in my building-you will find it proudly tacked up on the bulletin board in my office!) While Todd waited for his cab to pick him up Curt Rees (one of my co-presenters from the AWSA convention) and I talked with him further on educational issues for about 20 minutes.

My point for this blog post? Just that I’m bragging that I met Todd in person and got my picture taken with him! (That’s ok for one post right?)

Pictured above: Myself, Todd Whitaker and Curt Rees

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  1. henriksenlearning

    So awesome! I saw Todd Whitaker a few years ago at an annual convention for our administrators. I thought he was amazing then, but I think he’s even more amazing now! I hope one day, I will attend another convention with Todd so I can talk with him in person.

    So jealous that he gave you his speaker’s badge!

  2. Unknown

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  3. Eileen

    Nicely Done Jess! He is a great speaker. Still remember his Shift the Monkey saying! BTW–Hannah is DRIVING Now!

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