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Recently, I finally convinced a dear friend of mine to join Twitter (after 2 years of talking about it to her), but was surprised when she said she has nothing worthy of tweeting for others. This is an awesome teacher that can share with me for hours about her classroom and has plenty to share with the Twitter PLN…she just doesn’t realize it yet.
Today I had the pleasure of presenting at the SLATE conference with my colleauges Curt Rees and Jay Posick once again on Twitter (just to clarify, I do not actually work with Curt and Jay-we have connected via Twitter). This time we added the following video:
This video clip has really got me thinking about my online presence (Twitter, this blog, Connected Principals Blog, and podcasting). Over the past 3 years I have grown tremendously in my profession by connecting with others on Twitter and reflecting on my practice through this blog. I have had many compliments by others on twitter about my work and even had someone tell me today they wanted my autograph! (Highlight of my day). I have also had others contact me to skype with them about topics I often tweet about (Daily 5, ipad for Walkthroughs, etc). What’s funny to me, is that I originally sought out others on twitter for these topics and realize that the more I talk about it, the more I reflect/grow in each of those areas. Compliments and opportunities like this always make me feel good, however, I am always growing and know that there are many better administrators out there to learn from. There are many teachers, tech directors, instructional coaches, and other educators doing great things, they just aren’t all on twitter sharing it with the world. I just happen to be one administrator sharing what I am doing and sharing what my awesome teachers are doing for kids.
So, to those of you who enjoy following my blog/twitter account–thank you! To those of you who think I’m a twitter celebrity–I’m just a Twitter Evangelist, trying to get the rest of the Education World on twitter for my selfish reasons–to keep learning and growing. You all matter and you all have a lot to share.

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  1. Rabbi Akevy Greenblatt

    Great Post!
    Twitter is truly an amazing place to learn and grow. My own growth on twitter as an orthodox Jewish Rabbi shown how everyone matters and how by sharing you also grow. Thank you for being a Twitter Evangelist and sharing I have learned so much from you.
    You a Rock Star

  2. Anonymous

    Great post Jessica. I too have started to see the power of Twitter to improve myself professionally. You have supported it without really knowing it, that’s the beauty of PLNs!
    Scott O.

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