2012 Summer Blogging Challenge

Bill Carroza (@wcarozza) over at “Principal Reflections” snuck in a blog challenge in his post “5 Reasons Educators Should Blog.” Then my twitter friend @fliegs threw @mmiller7571 and I under the bus in a tweet to get us in on the challenge (now that I think about it, I think he has done this to us every year!) I have a hard time saying no to anything so I’m in (even if it means that this first post is this simple–it is also my first attempt at using the blogger app on my iPad, so I have no idea what it will look like and have found I can’t add any links into my post.)

So who wants to join us? Only 2 posts a week, come on we can all commit to at least 2.

Now I’m off to start thinking of my next blog post…

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  1. PrincipalJ

    Ok, I’m NOT a fan of the blogger app…it does not allow you to put in links or modify your size/place of your image in the post which is why that one looks stupid. Sorry folks, guess I will only use this app to start typing my posts, save them and then get to my laptop to finish it before publishing.

  2. Tia

    I love this idea, Jessica! I *thiink* I will be in, but not for another week – 1 more week left of work!!!

    Have you tried the Blogsy app? It’s great.

  3. PrincipalJ

    Thanks for sharing Bruce, I’m adding you into my google reader. Tia–I knew you would join in, you’ve become the blog posting guru! I added the blogsy app to my app shopper wish list (I like free apps!)

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