Ready for the First Day of Bucket Filling!

I’m ready for the first day of school tomorrow and excited to kick off our Bucket Fillers theme for the year.  Here’s my blog post in pictures for you (because I’m short on time)…

As students come to the doors they will see…

Our main hallway bulletin board:

This explains the bulletin board:

Here’s another Bucket Filler’s bulletin board (put together by our wonderful Counselor!):

My bag is packed and ready to go into classrooms to introduce Bucket Filling:

What’s in my bag, you ask?  I’ve got the Bucket Filler’s Pledge:

The book I’m reading to the classes:

A variety of books to give to the classrooms (depends on the grade level):

“Drops” to explain how students can fill buckets on our main bulletin board. I will have them write out something to someone in their home to fill their buckets at the end of the day.

I also have this letter for students to take home, explaining Bucket Filling to their parents.

And I also have a bucket full of bracelets for students to choose from. Each one says, “Have you filled a bucket today?”

I can’t forget about staff.  I have finally put some of my Pinterest pins to use in the staff lounge:


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  1. Tia


    I absolutely love this post – especially since you did it in pictures! I love these great ideas. What a wonderful way to start the school year. You are such an amazing educator and leader!

    Thank you for sharing all you do.

    Best wishes for a fabulous year!


  2. Brad Saron (@bradfordgs)

    What a great way to start the year! By extension, the “Bucket” book has been one of our best tools to understand civility and combat bullying at elementary schools. Your wide-ranging employment of this book is extraordinary! Love the “Pinterest” bulletin-board!

    Have a great year!

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