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I love finding ways to use humorous/inspiring video clips for staff meetings or PD sessions.  They are such a nice way to get started on a positive note, to “lighten the mood” if needed, or to give visual to the message you are wanting to share. Twitter has been a great place to gather ideas from others.  My colleague, Curt Rees, has shared 2 blog posts of video clips he’s used:
Good humorous videos for staff meetings
More videos to use with school staff

This post is a bit of a “copy cat” from Curt’s posts, but I wanted to share the video clips that I used to start the school year with faculty and tell how/why I used them.

I used this video in both my teachers and support staff meetings:

My message along with this video was, “I think each of your jobs can feel a lot like this with everything you have to do.  If you are ever having a bad day and feel like there are just too many balls to hit, please go back to the Positive Pledge…and let me know how I can help you.”

I used this video at the start of our staff meeting during the first week of school:

My message to go along with this video is that I know we have a lot going on this year; a new math curriuclum, a new evaluation model and iPads and I want everyone to know that it’s ok to ask questions…even if your question feels as silly as when the man asks how to open the book!

This isn’t for humor, but I did share this video clip when reminding teachers that at the start of the school year you cannot assume your students know how to do anything–you have to teach/practice all of the procedures (i.e. sharpening pencils, lining up, walking in the hall, etc.)

I also used this video clip when I briefly shared about some of my learning from John Hattie’s book Visible Learning for Teachers and for teachers to “Know Thy Impact.”

Here’s a video clip I did use for humor (although it was at the end of last year). We were working on common core math practices and I used this Big Bang Theory clip just to lighten the mood (we have many Big Bang Theory fans in our building). It does use the math term “algorithm”!


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