Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works

With the increasing rate of new tech devices and web 2.0 tools being developed each day, it is very easy for both teachers and students to get excited by something flashy and lose sight of the purpose.  We often have to remind ourselves to start with our learning objectives and THEN decide what technology can enhance the learning process.

I recently finished reading the 2nd Edition of  Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works published by ASCD and found it to be a great resource to maintain this focus on the purpose.  This book is a  follow-up to Marzano’s original book of Classroom Instruction that Works. In Marzano’s original book we learned about 9 research based strategies that can have a direct impact on the learning in your classroom.  In this technology resource book, the authors take Marzano’s strategies and explain a variety of a ways that technology can be integrated into the classroom as a tool for these instructional strategies.  This book is chock-full of ways to integrate technology for:

  • Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback
  • Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Cues, Questions, and Advance Organizers
  • Nonlinguistic Representations
  • Summarizing and Note Taking
  • Assigning Homework and Providing Practice
  • Identifying Similarities and Differences
  • Generating and Testing Hypotheses
In the beginning of this book there is a simple chart that identifies which tech tools in the book relate to each of the 9 instructional strategies.  After seeing this, I was curious if the authors had done any similar work on iPad apps related to these strategies, so I simply asked one of the authors on Twitter and received a reply within hours (you’ve got to love how convenient Twitter can be!)…
You can find the Google Spreadsheet of iPad apps HERE
I am not one to typically read a book on technology (because I learn all about new technology from my Twitter PLN), but as I read through this book, I was constantly tabbing pages of ideas that I then shared with a variety of teachers in our district.  For teachers that are not connected online, this book is a great resource to get started with learning ways to integrate technology into the classroom with purpose.  
Will Richardson says it well in his forward to this book when he says “technology in all of its forms is no longer an add-on to the work that we as educators do. It is now a fundamental part of the way we live and learn and teach.”  This book is a great place to begin the work of integrating technology into learning.  

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  1. erhubbell

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for this great review! I, too, glean SO much information and good thinking from my Twitter network. Thanks for learning with me.


  2. Jeremy Evans

    I definitely agree that we should put the objective first and the technology second. It is difficult though. We sometimes get lost in the gadget aspect of technology. We need to remember to put the learning first and the “gadget” second.

  3. Meg

    I agree…tech is an amazing and motivating component to learning, but we need to make sure our learning experiences are meaningful–with or without technology. Fellow Wisconsin educator here…nice to find your blog. Meg at

  4. Janet Abercrombie

    I’m looking forward to checking out this book. The weirdest thing…it’s not available on Kindle. Hmmmm…. 🙂

  5. tahir sumar

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