The #WIAmigos are at it again…

Wisconsin is a state filled with farm land and small school districts across rural areas.  Each district can feel like it’s own island, but the educators on Twitter are working to connect those islands.  Over time as many of us Wisconsin Educators have become closely connected we have coined ourselves the #WIAmigos.  It is a great time to be an educator in Wisconsin!

During the past 4 years on Twitter, I have been fortunate to become connected with so many great educators and especially enjoying connecting with Wisconsin educators that I eventually get to meet in person at conferences.  I have presented with my principal colleagues Curt Rees, Matt Renwick and Jay Posick numerous times at conferences to help spread the word.  This week we were excited to have the following article published by ASCD:

Here’s what else the #WIAmgios are “up to” when it comes to connected learning:
  • Curt, Matt and I will be presenting next week at #2013AWSA, the Elementary Administrators Conference. You can find handouts for our session here:
  • You can find other Wisconsin Educators to follow (and add yourself to this list) at
  • Wisconsin DPI is on Twitter: DPI has also started a Twitter account specifically for the Common Core State Standards:
  • The #WIAmigos have started a regular chat for Wisconsin Educators.  You can join the conversation using the hashtag #wischat on Sunday nights at 8pm. A huge thank you to John Gunnell for moderating this chat. 
  • A great day of awesome and FREE learning will take place on February 23 in Sun Prairie for #EdcampMadWi.  You can find out more about this awesome edcamp HERE
  • How fun are we?  We even have a t-shirt!  Huge thank you to Tom Whitford for putting this together!

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    1. Tom Whitford

      Jeremy, I am glad we could inspire you to start a state focused chat as well. I jumped on twitter a little over a year ago (Ok, re-jumped really I was on about 4 yrs ago but gave it up) and I have made some AMAZING connections and my level of growth as an educator and leader has spiked straight up. Jessica had already made some amazing connections here in Wisconsin and around the globe, so I followed her moves closely. What an amazing tool & resource Twitter can be. I hope we can keep convincing quality educators to join us. Now I just need to get committed to my blogging like Jess & Matt Renwick

  1. Tom Whitford

    Jessica, thank you for including me in your post. I continue to look to you, Matt, Curt & Jay (the original #WiAmigos ) as my gurus to learn from. Thanks for helping me to understand the power of Twitter as a tool. Whether its #wischat or #educoach or just us cracking up over Office Space quotes, it has been incredible connecting with you!!

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