Connecting with great educators at #ASCD13

This is the first of several posts I’ll be writing to share about my awesome learning at the #ASCD13 conference in Chicago.  Of all the conferences I have ever attended, ASCD was definitely the best for 2 reasons:
1. I met almost all of my favorite “Tweeps” from my Twitter PLN in real life, which allowed me to have awesome conversations all day long.
2. There is such a huge variety of learning sessions to attend (over 400) that include top notch educators from around the country (i.e. Will Richardson, Regie Routman, Doug Fisher, Nancy Frey, Eric Sheninger, Jay McTighe, Jane Pollock, Heidi Hayes Jacobs, the list go on…).
In fact my only complaint at #ASCD13 is that there are too many awesome sessions to choose from that I had some really difficult decisions to make each hour of the day!!

I have previously written numerous posts on the power of Twitter, like:
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I felt sorry for some of the educators I saw at #ASCD13 that attended alone and sat by themselves in sessions and break times. I also drove there alone, however, was surrounded by educators that I connect with everyday on Twitter. I feel so connected to them that it was like connecting with old friends at my high school reunion and then continuing to have great conversations all day long no matter which session I attended.  My day started out by having breakfast with Eric Sheninger in the Press room and the day continued to get better!

I was pleased to hear Twitter recommended as a powerful tool by almost every speaker of the day, as a source for great learning. My favorite tweets on this topic:

So now, I just have to share pictures of meeting my PLN in person. Can you guess the Tweep? (for those of you not on Twitter, Tweep is the term for a connected “friend” on Twitter).

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  1. Peter DeWitt

    Ok Jessica! Where did you get the shirt??? I love it! Thanks for sharing your day. ASCD is such an awesome conference.

  2. PrincipalJ

    Tom Whitford @Twhitford made the shirts for us. He personalized the sleeve to have my Twitter Handle and the back has some of our favorite hashtags: #WIAmigos #wischat #educoach. Wisconsin definitely represented at #ASCD13!

  3. Melinda Miller

    This is great! Some day I hope we can cross paths face 2 face:)

  4. Garette

    Don’t feel sorry for all those who are attending alone. I chose to attend alone, it’s a huge conference, with tons of great information. It’s also exhausting. I need to be alone at breaks or in a few sessions to process what I’m learning. Still connecting on twitter with my pln, but in my own way. I’m glad you got the chance to have a pln home comeing, but don’t think it’s necessary for everyone.

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