#ASCD13 Storified Twitter Feed

Whether you were following the #ASCD13 twitterfeed from your couch at home, or there in person and following tweets from other sessions you also wanted to attend, there were many great tweets to learn from. Thankfully, Brad Currie “storified” the tweets each day so I decided to put them here in case I want to find them again. ¬†Over the past few years, I have found myself looking back at older blog posts that I wrote and use them for my learning and reflection so I thought this would be a great place to put the storified tweets from #ASCD13.

Here’s the #ASCD13 recap for 3/16/13

[View the story “#ASCD13 Recap for 3.16.13” on Storify] Here’s the #ASCD13 recap for 3/17/13 [View the story “#ASCD13 Recap ~ Sunday, March 17” on Storify]

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