Sometimes the Answer is SO Obvious…

I have been using Evernote for probably two years now and cannot survive without it. It has literally become my filing system and my brain…for almost everything.  I often share ideas with interested teachers on how it could be used. Just today I was speaking with a colleague about how challenging it can be to keep up with documentation of communication with parents, staff, and outside agencies and how difficult it is to find those notes when you need them. I shared with her my notebook system (which is quite embarrassing, because of how messy it is) and she asked, “Why don’t you just use Evernote since you always use it?”

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This colleague does not even use Evernote, she’s just heard me talk about it all the time…I felt like a fool when she shared this obvious solution with me!

Even though I had a system of tracking in the margin of my notebook, I realized I could easily use the checkbox feature in Evernote, along with different font to record any follow-up documentation. I started using it right away today, because even though it’s summer break, I still had 6 voicemails to return and found it so easy. Again, such an easy solution that was just so obvious I couldn’t even see it!

As I move into my summer work (catch-up, planning for next year, office cleaning, etc.) I will be on the lookout for other obvious things I can be using Evernote for to make my life simpler.

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  1. Cyndi Smith (@CyndiSmith17)

    I’ve tried to use Evernote for my documentation, both parent and student, but find that when I’m on the phone with a parent or have a student in my office, I’m more comfortable grabbing a spiral than a keyboard. Any advice on making the transition to paperless?

    1. principalj

      I am the same way…it took me quite a while to change my habit of going to my ipad/laptop for communication.

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