Book Review: Teaching with Tablets

In addition to the many great books that ASCD publishes, they have now started coming out with ASCD Arias Publications ; shorter books in print or ebook. The value of the aria is that they are each short enough to read in one sitting, yet filled with great information on the topic you want to know more about.

teaching with tabletsI recently read Teaching with Tablets: How do I integrate tablets with effective instruction? by Nancy Frey, Doug Fisher, and Alex Gonzalez. In each chapter, beginning with A Transformation in Education, the authors paint a visual picture for you of what happens in a classroom with tablets. They mention the apps that are used for various purposes to give educators ideas of ways to integrate tablets into learning.  This book is not a how-to; once you read an idea that you want to try out in your classroom you will have to turn to google or youtube to find out how to use the app.

The authors point out that it can be easy for educators to get too excited by all that the tablets can do and surrender their own knowledge of sound teaching and learning practices to the tablet.  They shared the story of one teacher that realized her tablet-using students were basically completing battery-operated worksheets and not collaborating with each other.  The authors emphasize that this is what can happen if you are not mindful of the teaching part of teaching with tablets.  If battery-operated worksheets are a concern for you, then the aria book Teaching with Tablets is a must read!

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