Innovative Teaching Ideas Using Glogster

We are fortunate in our district to have an XPD program: a variety of scheduled Extra Professional Development opportunities taught by staff throughout the district that staff members can choose to attend what they would like to learn more about.  This week I attended a session by one of our great teachers on how to use Glogster.  I’ve seen students using Glogster before and have witnessed how much fun they have in creating an online poster of whatever topic they were researching, but I learned many other ways Glogster can be used as well.  The only downside of Glogster is that it doesn’t work well on the iPads.  Glogster if you’re reading this…please change that!

As I read 40 + Ways to Innovate Teaching Using GlogsterEDU I discovered many ideas.  I decided to create a Glog that can be used as a flipped approach when I lead an XPD on Twitter later this year and created one for Twitter Chats:

You’ll see within my Glog that there are resources to click on to learn more about Twitter chats. Teachers could do the same for a topic students are learning about. After reading the list of 40+ideas I am always thinking of ways I could utilize this tool on our school website to share information with parents in a much more engaging way than the monthly newsletter that goes home and straight into the garbage can.

Are you using Glogster? I’d love to know how, whether you’re a teacher or an administrator. Please share in the comments.

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