My Reading Resolutions for 2014


A new tradition for myself each New Year is to make Reading Resolutions, which I made last year in this post.  Just like any goal, I like to review my progress and make new goals.

In 2013 my reading resolutions included:

1. Use Goodreads to track my reading.  I have used it all year and love using Goodreads. I have found that I get many new book ideas added to my list, thanks to those that I follow on Goodreads that have similar book interests.

2. Have family “Read-to-Self” time with my kids. With sports schedules, I haven’t been as faithful to this as I would like. We read together everyday, but not as “read to self.” I also realize that I often don’t, because I don’t trust that my son is reading. We just had a conversation about this and just as teachers need to extend that trust to their students that they are reading, I need to do the same at home with my own child!
3. Read 1 professional book a month I wasn’t faithful to finishing one each month, but I did read 12 total this year.

4. Read 280 books. In this goal, 55 were to be for novels, professional books and kids’ chapter books.  I hit 51, which is pretty darn close and I am almost certain that number would have been much lower if I hadn’t made a goal at all (that’s why goals are good to have!).  As for the rest adding up to 280 for picture books. I don’t know. I wasn’t faithful to adding books into Goodreads, because I would often read those books to my kids at bedtime, doze off and forget to put them in. I’m not going to put pressure/guilt on myself about recording these this year.

I liked these goals last year and am going to basically stick with them again:

2014 Reading Resolutions

1. Read 55 books (not including picture books)

2. Read one professional book a month

3. Have family “Read to Self” time


2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Jessica has
read 0 books toward her goal of 55 books.


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  1. Norman

    Go for it, Jessica! Thanks for the inspiration and for all of your helpful posts.

  2. Erica Campbell

    Jessica I am a new administrator and new mom. You inspire me sooo much to be a great instructional leader. Thank you.

    1. principalj

      You’re too kind Erica! I learn from all the great educators in my PLN on twitter…that’s what it’s all about!

  3. Lisa

    Good goals! I may borrow them.

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