PrincipalCast Podcast Hosts ASCD Authors

Innovation and Leadership:  Strategies & Tips from Three Authors

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Mark Barnes, Bill Sterrett, and Michael Fisher

On Sunday, May 4th, join the @PrincipalCast team (including‪@DrSpikeCook ‪@PrincipalStager) for an interactive discussion on the TeacherCast network  with three @ASCD authors (‪@markbarnes19‪@fisher1000 and @billsterrett ) as they discuss learning, innovating, and leading in education.  If you have never listened to the podcast, we broadcast live at 8:30 pm CST on  If you cannot listen live then you can download the podcast at itunes or elsewhere for your android (I use the app BeyondPod).


Author Mark Barnes (@markbarnes19) is a 20-year classroom teacher and the author of The Five Minute Teacher: How do I maximize time for learning in my classroom?

Mike Fisher (@fisher1000) is and instructional coach and educational consultant and the author of Digital Learning Strategies: How do I assign and assess 21st century work?

Bill Sterrett (@billsterrett) is an educational leadership professor, former principal and middle school science teacher and the author of Short on Time: How do I make time to lead and learn as a principal?  Bill spoke on an earlier PrincipalCast (#13) about time management and joins us again today to focus on collaborative and innovative leadership.

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