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Are We There Yet? #Principalcast podcast with Curt Rees

This is a tad late for most principals, since the end of the school year has already arrived, but the PrincipalCast crew enjoyed a great conversation with Curt Rees about the end of the school year for principals.

He offered suggestions and tips for ending the school year on a positive note. He suggests that principals get as much information to the teachers


as possible before leaving for the summer. He works very hard to get the schedule, class lists, and as much other planning for the new school year completed.

Curt encourages teachers and administrators to learn as much as possible over the summer. As for Curt, he will be continuing his Doctoral program at University of Kentucky, participating in chats through twitter, and doing lots of reading. He also suggests that educators spend time eating correctly and exercising to avoid the “end of the school year” burn out.

You can check download the podcast in your podcast app or check it out in its entirety on youtube:

Plans to “Sharpen the Saw” this Summer

Here’s the latest cross-post from my staff memo blog:


In Stephen Covey’s book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, the 7th habit is one that I think we all know well (whether we call it that or not): Sharpen the Saw.  While many think that educators have “summers off”, we all know that is not the case.  Many of you teach summer school, take graduate classes, attend other workshops, read professional books/journals and continue to reflect/grow.  Covey writes about the importance of as an effective habit for you to “preserve and enhance the greatest asset you have–you.”


While I try to stay fresh and “sharpen the saw” on weekends, I have to admit that I look forward to summer for this extended opportunity.  In addition to family time to rejuvenate, here are my summer plans to “sharpen my saw” to continue my professional learning:

 1. Read some of the professional books that have been stacking up on my to-read list. The top on the stack is our summer admin book study choice: Willpower.

2. Explore some of the iPad apps I’ve downloaded, but haven’t touched yet. Top on my list is Aurasma and HERE is a great blog post to start learning about it.

 3. As always, continue my learning from others on Twitter. This summer there are many conferences/webinars (many all just online) that are archived in this one google doc: Summer Learning I’m planning to pick a couple to follow online.

 4. Learn something new at a Regional Summer Teacher Academy session.  Packets will be coming out this week and you can sign up HERE to attend.

 What are you planning to do the “sharpen the saw” this summer?