The Podcast is Back!

Many leaders in my PLN are writing outstanding blog posts for  #LeadershipDay14. I love this topic each year that it comes around, however, I’m feeling too busy to write a quality, reflective post in response to it (especially when incredible leaders like Curt Rees overachieve and create awesomeness like THIS!)

PrincipalPLNInstead, I’m just going to use this opportunity to say that my fellow podcasters, Dr. Spike CookTheresa Stager, and myself are excited to start another year of podcasting for principals.  We are rebranding ourselves this year as the PrincipalPLN, which I think fits #LeadershipDay14 well as we strive to have our podcast be a resource for school leaders.

Please check out episode 1 HERE.


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  1. Joe Murphy


    I listened to your 1st podcast on PrincipalPLN. I was interested in the presentation materials that you mentioned on digital walkthroughs as I am a new Assistant Principal. Any chance you can share them with me? Thanks!

    Joe Murphy
    Plymouth South Middle School
    Plymouth, MA

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