Blog Review of 2014

Stock image used here with Creative Commons license.
Stock image used with Creative Commons license.

While working on another writing endeavor, my blog posts have been quite minimal this year. While I have down time during Christmas vacation I have been enjoying family time and relaxation along with catching up on some reading and reflecting on myself as a leader. During this reflection I enjoy reading through my posts to review my reflection and goals.

During 2014, here are my most popular posts this year (with #1 having the most “clicks”):

10. A Principal’s Principle: Patience

9. Principal 2.0 

8. Learn How to be a Digital Leader

7. Getting to Inbox Zero

6. Plans to “Sharpen the Saw” this Summer

5. Under Pressure

4. Digital Student Portfolios

3. The Miracle Morning

2. Identifying Fake Readers

1. Principals are People Too

As I review/reflect on 2014 I also enjoy running my blog site through wordle to create a word cloud that makes the words used more often larger than the other less-used words. I got the idea from Tia Henriksen in this post to use it as a way to reflect on what you are blogging about to make sure you are focusing on what is most important to you. In reviewing my wordle below I can see that school, students, classrooms, connect, mindset and email standing out more than the others. I am surprised in reviewing this that LEARNING is not emphasized more and is something for me to keep in mind as I move forward into 2015.




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  1. Brett Stamm (@Bstamm00)

    Thanks for sharing! Love the Wordle as a reflective/check back to see if you’re staying true to your blog goals! Happy New Year to you!

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