My Reading Resolutions for 2016

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I’m not one to make New Year’s Resolutions, but rather to reflect on my goals and progress, which I wrote about (a long time ago) HERE.  One tradition I started 4 years ago is to review my year’s worth of reading and make new Reading Resolutions. I began using Goodreads three years ago and wrote about Everything I Love About Goodreads as I got started with it.

My reading goals for 2015 were:

1. Read 50 books

2. Get out of my reading comfort zone and read different genres

3. Have family “Read to Self” time

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I missed my goal by only reading 49 books, however, with publishing Breaking Out of Isolation this year I feel like I can count that book a couple of times since I reread it several times over in the revising/editing process.

Of these 49 books, 20 were fiction and 29 were non-fiction. With my new interest in running (in effort to find balance in my life) I read 7 books about running, so I guess you could say I read a new genre. I finished up 2015 by going back to the classics and read To Kill a Mockingbird, one of those required books in high school that I never actually read. I also ended the year with a few other books in the process, because I never read just one book at a time; I always have several books going in different places (one on my kindle app, one in my office, one with my boys for bedtime, one on my nightstand…maybe book ADHD?). As I continue to reflect on myself as a reader I am also aware of my multiple stacks of purchased books that I have not yet read.

So, my Reading Resolutions for 2016 are:

1. Read 50 books

2. Work on reading from my purchased to-read stacks

3. Continue to have family “Read to Self” time

Next on my list is to post my reading resolutions at school and visit each classroom to read to them and talk about reading goals.


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  1. Sue Tonnesen

    Great ideas here, Jessica. I, too, have books here and there (Kindle, night table, den, in my briefcase, office) and have several on the go right now…one I am currently reading to find balance is “The Joy of Missing Out…Finding Balance in a Wired World” by Christina Crook. Thanks for sharing your reading goals. Happy New Year!

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