#OneWord 2019: Nurture

Even though I have read every book by Jon Gordon, including One Word, I have never created a One Word goal. I have enjoyed seeing others’ goals and reading their blog posts to continue to learn and grow from other great thinkers in my PLN, like Jon Wennstrom, Sarah Johnson, Jessica Cabeen, Jeff Kubiak. Despite enjoying following others’ #OneWord journeys, I have habitually used the New Year as an opportunity to reflect on my current goals, to tweak if needed, but not add anything new.

So, why am I this year? At the suggestion of our school counselor who included me on this tweet:

I already had plans for our first staff meeting of 2019 for us to reflect on our collective commitments-how we are living them out individually and collectively. With Mindy’s suggestion, I am going to then ask teachers to create a #OneWord goal for their work with students and each other for 2019 and paint it on a rock. (*Note-if you want to do this with your staff, I suggest you plan ahead and order rocks from amazon that will be perfect for this. I went to 3 different stores and did not find what I could have gotten if I had planned further ahead and purchased online!)

I always lead by example, so I had to come up with #OneWord for myself. I spent time reflecting on our collective commitments, trying to find one word that I felt encompasses it all, but also thought of my other goals in life. I finally landed on: NURTURE

By definition, NURTURE means to care for and encourage the growth and development of. As I use my #OneWord as my goal for 2019, I strive to:

  • Nurture relationships in my positional, professional and personal areas of life.
  • Nurture teachers as I lead with a Coach Approach
  • Nurture my family-I have a middle schooler, so that’s an extra challenge to be nurtured!
  • Nurture my personal health-I have goals for eating healthy and working out and can always be better at them!
  • Nurture my own learning-I always love to learn. This year I’m challenging myself with reading/research as I work on a new book with my Coach Approach co-authors.

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  1. Carol Paldino

    I love this !
    Thank you for helping me plan for my first 2020 staff meeting with my teachers!

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