Hello world!

I am a new principal in an elementary school in Wisconsin. My experience before this has included teaching at the elementary levels (special education for 1-5th, 3rd grade and 4th grades), instructional coach for one year, and a year as a middle school assistant principal. This year has been quite a change for me, not just as a first year principal, but also having moved from working in downtown Phoenix, AZ now in rural Wisconsin. I had every intention of journaling throughout the year for my own professional reflection, however, with everything that goes on in this crazy position, I have only 3 journal entries. I have decided to start a blog for my own professional reflection with the hopes of gaining feedback from other professionals in the field. Being a principal can be a lonely job, especially when you’re in a small district and don’t have many other principals to dialogue with.

I’m a bit nervous at putting myself “out there” like this, but I’ll start with the warning that I don’t want this to be time consuming for myself so I will not be spending massive amounts of time writing it as professional articles…it will just be my reflective blog.


Dr. Adele Ellis · March 22, 2009 at 3:03 pm

Congrats on your first blog! You will find it a great way to share information and get feedback 🙂

Adele Ellis, Ed.D.
Diocese of Metuchen
Piscataway, NJ

Charlie Roy · March 30, 2009 at 1:49 am

Welcome to the world of blogging. Glad to have you in my PLN.

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