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Balance Like a Pirate

Balance Like a Pirate

Jessica Johnson (Author),‎ Jessica Cabeen (Author),‎ Sarah Johnson (Author)

Balance is a myth, but living with purpose, passion, and priorities is within your reach. In today's 24/7, always-on culture, life feels busier than ever before. That hectic pace combined with the constant demands that come with being an educator create the perfect conditions for burnout. But life doesn't have to be that way.

Balance Like a Pirate, a Lead Like a PIRATE Guide, was written by educators for educators with a focus on helping you create a lifestyle that allows you to break free from "shoulds" and "have tos." Educational leaders Jessica Cabeen, Jessica Johnson, and Sarah Johnson equip you with practical strategies and tools to thrive in every area of life. "If you have any desire to make an impact in your role as an educator and to do so in a way that is sustainable, you owe it to yourself to read Balance Like a Pirate.

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The Coach Approach Book

The Coach Approach to School Leadership: Leading Teachers to Higher Levels of Effectiveness

Jessica Johnson (Author),‎ Shira Leibowitz (Author),‎ Kathy Perret (Author)

In The Coach Approach to School Leadership, Jessica Johnson, Shira Leibowitz, and Kathy Perret address a dilemma faced by many principals: how to function as learning leaders while fulfilling their evaluative and management duties. The answer? Incorporating instructional coaching techniques as an integral part of serious school improvement.

The authors explain how principals can:

  • Master the skill of "switching hats" between the nonjudgmental coach role and the evaluative supervisor role.
  • Expand their classroom visits and combine coaching with evaluation requirements.
  • Nurture relationships with teachers and build a positive school culture.
  • Provide high-quality feedback to support the development of both teachers and students.
  • Empower teachers to lead their own professional learning and work together as a team.

Drawing from the authors' work with schools as well as their conversations with educators across the globe, this thought-provoking book speaks to the unique needs of principals as instructional leaders, providing solutions to challenges in every aspect of this complex endeavor.

The role of the principal is changing at a rapid pace. Let this resource guide you in improving your own practice while helping teachers master the high-quality instruction that leads to student success.

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Breaking Out of Isolation: Becoming a Connected School Leader

Breaking Out of Isolation: Becoming a Connected School Leader

Jessica Johnson (Author),‎ Spike Cook (Author),‎ Theresa Stager (Author)

Fresh ideas to help you meet the challenges of innovative leadership!

Overcome the hurdles of being a school leader and stay ahead with this helpful guide to battling isolation and getting connected. Through powerful vignettes and strategies, you’ll discover how innovation-minded school leaders connect to avoid isolation, lower stress, find support, and share ideas. Grow your professional practice and learn to:

  • Jumpstart and sustain your Professional Learning Network
  • Strategically and meaningfully connect with colleagues and staff
  • Overcome isolation for lasting impact

Includes tips for Twitter, Google Hangouts, Pinterest and more. Get real-world solutions with this easy-to-follow roadmap to transformational change!

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