1. I appreciate your candor and your willingness to model your thinking for your own staff as well as for all of your blog readers. I have heard a lot of teachers say “Done that” who didn’t really “dig in” and think about the qualities that defined whether the specific instruction was effective for anyone in the class, let alone Everyone!

  2. I found this post so insipiring. I LOVE the idea of the Friday Reflection and acting as an instructional coach more than a supervisor. I am going to try to develop both of those in my practice this year. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  3. Jessica,

    I always love reading your posts! They are so insightful and inspiring! I always get so much out of your posts. I really need to make more time to come visit your blog more often.

    Thanks for writing and sharing this post. I strongly believe that we must demonstrate and model our own reflection and learning if we are going to expect teachers (or anyone) to do the same. How can we not?

    As always, thanks for getting me thinking,


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