I love bringing passion, energy, and practical application to school leaders, while always tailoring the workshop to fit the needs of your organization. Keynote addresses, workshop sessions, administrator training, are all available to move your district forward. Follow up consultation is always included. Send an email to jessica@principalj.net to get started.

Keynote/Breakout Session Topics:

Providing Impactful Feedback with a Coach Approach

Leading with a Coach Approach

Balance Like a Pirate: Going Beyond Work-Life Balance To Thrive

Women Seeking Balance to Thrive in Leadership in Life

Resilient Leaders: Why We Need to Be Champions for All Students

Principal 2.0: Social Media Tools for Principals

Descriptions of all sessions can be found HERE.

Upcoming Presentations:

Date Type Title Location
August 13, 2019KeynoteBalance Like a PirateRochester, NY
Oct 22, 2019Feature SpeakerBalance Like a PirateDelaware Association of School Administrators
October 2019Online SpeakerBalance Like a PirateOnline Teacher Success Summit
Dec 10, 2019PresentationBalance Like a Pirate - Using Tech Efficiently To Help Lead At Home, Work & LifeSLATE Conference in WI Dells
Feb 21 & Feb 22, 2020Featured SpeakerLeading with a Coach ApproachChiang Mai, Thailand
June 12-14, 2020PresentationBalance Like a PiratePirate Con - San Diego, CA

Past Presentations:

Date Type Title Location
July 9, 2019Featured SpeakerBalance Like a PirateCuba City School District, WI
April 25, 2019Feature SpeakerBalance Like a PirateLoudon County, Virginia
Mar 21, 2019Feature SpeakerBalance Like a PirateRenewal Unlimited Childcare Providers Beaver Dam, WI
Mar 17, 2019PresentationBalance Like a PirateASCD Empowe19 Chicago, IL
Mar 17, 2019PresentationProviding Effective Feedback with a Coach ApproachASCD Empower19 Chicago, IL
Mar 15, 2019KeynoteBalance Like a PirateWomen Leading Wisconsin Conference Madison, WI
Mar 14, 2019PresentationLeading With a Coach ApproachWomen Leading Wisconsin Conference Madison, WI
Mar 1, 2019KeynoteBalance Like a PirateRenewal Unlimited Wellness Day Conference Wisconsin Dells, WI
Feb 18, 2019PresentationBalance Like a PirateCESA 6 Conference Slinger and Neenah, WI
Jan 30, 2019Featured SpeakerLeading With a Coach ApproachIndiana Principal Leadership Institute
Dec 3, 2018SLATE PreConference SessionBalance Like a Pirate - Using Tech Efficiently to Help Lead at Home, Work and LifeWisconsin Dells, WI
July 11, 2018#NPC18 Feature SessionFinding the Unicorn: Work/Life Balance!National Principals Conference Chicago, IL
Sept 26, 2018WorkshopLeading with a Coach ApproachPortage, WI
Oct 10, 2018PresentationProviding Impactful Feedback with a Coach ApproachTeaching Learning Coaching Conference Las Vegas, NV
Feb 7, 2018PresentationPut on Your Coaching Hat to Lead Teachers into EffectivenessMESPA Institute, Minnesota
Feb 8, 2018PresentationFinding the Unicorn: Work/Life Balance!MESPA Institute, Minnesota
Jan 23, 2018Featured SpeakerLeading with a Coach ApproachIndiana Principal Leadership Institute
Nov 29, 2017Featured SpeakerLeading with a Coach ApproachLoudon County, Virginia
July 11, 2017Featured SpeakerLeading with a Coach ApproachJohnson City, New York
March 2017PresentationWearing the Coaching HatASCD Empower17, California
June 2015PresentationLeading Your Teachers into Effectiveness with a Coach HatQuality Educator Convention Madison, WI
2014-2015PresentationAWSA New Building Administrator programMadison, WI
March 2015Spotlight SpeakerTeacher 2.0WEMTA Conference Wisconsin Dells, WI
March 2015Spotlight SpeakerEvernote Organization for TeachersWEMTA Conference Wisconsin Dells, WI
March 2015Spotlight SpeakerUsing Twitter to Build Your PLNWEMTA Conference Wisconsin Dells, WI
Feb 2015PresentationThe Principal as a Literacy LeaderWSRA Convention Milwaukee, WI
Dec 2014PresentationDigital Instructional WalkthroughsWI SLATE Conference Wisconsin Dells, WI
Aug 2014PresentationDigital Learning WalksAWSA Madison, WI
July 2014Featured SpeakerPrincipal 2.0: The Connected AdministratorIllinois Principal Association
June 2014PresentationLeading Teachers into Effectiveness with a Coach HatQuality Educator Convention Madison, WI
2013-2014PresentationAWSA New Building Administrators ProgramMadison, WI
Sept 2013PresentationLeading Teachers with a Coaching HatCESA 6 EPIC Network Oshkosh, WI
Sept 2013Featured SpeakerPrincipals and Social MediaIndiana Principal Leadership Institute
Sept 2013WebinarCoaching for Instructional ImprovementThe Principal Center
June 2013PresentationLeading Teachers into Effectiveness with a Coaching HatQuality Educator Convention Madison, WI
April 2013PresentationBuilding CommunityAWSA Aspiring Administrators Workshop Madison, WI
Feb 2013PresentationA Little Birdie Told Me: The Why's and How's of TwitterAWSA Elementary Principals Conference Wisconsin
Oct 2012PresentationPrincipal 2.0: The Connected AdministratorAWSA Annual Convention Wisconsin
Aug 2012PresentationTeacher 2:0: The Connected EducatorRegional Summer Teacher Academy Wisconsin
July 2012PresentationTechnology and Web 2.0 ToolsWASB Leadership Conference LaCrosse, WI
Dec 2011PresentationEscaping Your Educator Island Through TwitterWI SLATE Conference Wisconsin Dells, WI
Oct 2011PresentationUse Twitter to Escape Your Administrator IslandAWSA Annual Convention Wisconsin
Aug 2011PresentationTwitter for TeachersRegional Summer Teacher Academy Wisconsin

The Coach Approach Book Cover

Coach Approach Professional Development

Coach Approach PD can be tailored to be full day, half day or 60-90 minute sessions, varying on the needs of your organization.

Presenters: Jessica Johnson, Shira Leibowitz, Kathy Perret (Presenters vary on scheduling/district needs)

Providing Impactful Feedback with a Coach Approach

Join co-authors of The Coach Approach to School Leadership (ASCD, 2017) as we dig into one of the most vital and challenging aspects of educational leadership - giving impactful feedback. You will leave this session inspired and equipped with a Coaching Hat to improve the learning in your building.

Principals wear many hats and we strongly believe the most important is the coaching hat! No matter what evaluation system is used by a school/district, the overall goal is teacher effectiveness for improved student learning. Coaching is a valuable practice to improve instruction and learning and is shared as one of the “hats”, and most important hat, that leaders can wear while leading. In this session we will introduce the concept of the “coaching hat mindset,” which is the heart of the book The Coach Approach to School Leadership: Leading Teachers to Higher Levels of Effectiveness (ASCD, 2017). We will explore why instructional coaching approaches are vital, as well as how to shift from primarily being an evaluator/manager to being a learning leader utilizing coaching techniques. This session will be interactive and practical to inspire and prepare principals to lead with a coaching hat.

Building a Coaching Culture with the Coach Approach

Join co-authors of The Coach Approach to School Leadership (ASCD, 2017) as we dig into one of the most vital aspects of educational leadership: transforming your school into a culture that embraces continued growth through continuous learning and coaching. Enter the #CoachApproach where school administrators and teacher leaders can model the way. Let’s explore ways to create an environment of peer to peer observations, coaching conversations, and trust.

Participants will be introduced to The Coach Approach and how school leaders can transform schools into a learning team by developing a variety of approaches that lead to more peer to peer observations, reflective dialogue and coaching. Join us to practice a variety of methods used to spark coaching conversations between principal and teacher, coach and teacher, and teacher and teacher.

The Reality of the Roadblocks to the Coach Approach: How to manage all the Other “Stuff”

In order to lead with a Coach Approach, you must be able to manage all of the “stuff” that keeps you from getting out of your office and into classrooms where the learning happens. Join co-authors of The Coach Approach to School Leadership (ASCD, 2017) as we lead you through ways to better manage your calendar, to-do list and many “fires” you are called to put out. Participants will walk away with strategies/tools to implement proactive systems that allow you to maximize time in classrooms while keeping up with all of the other “stuff” and NOT bringing all the paperwork home at night!

Resilient Transformative Leadership Keynotes

Keynotes & Workshops

Join proven leaders for a high-energy, engaging, interactive, inspiring and impactful program that will reignite your passion to lead.

Sessions below can be presented as a keynote, breakout session or be extended into a full day workshop to transform lives.

The Keynotes Below can be given alone or with Sarah Johnson, my partner in Resilient Transformative Leadership.

Balance Like a Pirate: The Magic Behind Discovering Work/Life Balance

There’s no question that every school leader faces challenges on the job with ever increasing demands that lead to stress and put us all at risk for burnout. School leaders often define themselves through servant leadership, tending to put others’ needs above their own and even end up sacrificing much of their personal time for their careers. We are convicted in our belief that leaders cannot take care of others without also taking care of self as we cannot pour from an empty cup. This keynote session will inspire school leaders to examine where they are pouring energies and draining themselves out as well as where they can make room to reignite flames in their lives that have fizzled. A critical outcome from this session is for leaders to see that they can be the best versions of themselves by seeking balance at home, work, and life. Attendees will leave feeling relaxed as well as empowered to take intentional steps toward a more fulfilling balance. We commit to our participants to be able to return to their school re-energized to lead the way.

Women Seeking Balance to Thrive in Leadership and Life

Women carry a variety of titles and those of us in leadership understand how competing they can truly be in daily life. Wife, Mom, School Leader, Sister, Daughter, CarPool Chauffeur, and Friend...Let’s be real...even if we are fortunate to have partners who also work, it seems women tend to carry a substantial and heavy load at work and home. If we are not mindful, the variety of spaces in which we pour ourselves out can lead to identity crisis! Too often we find ourselves spinning through life and suddenly realize we have forgotten the title that preceded all of the rest. Self. Being a school leader is a challenging role for anyone, yet trying to balance it all as a woman in leadership is a layer that only women fully understand. This keynote session on seeking balance to thrive in leadership and life will leave attendees feeling rejuvenated and ready to rock those titles!

Resilient Leaders: Why We Need to Be Champions for All Students

We all have personal stories that ink the pages of our lives and develop the plotline for how we came to be in our profession. With the same last name but not related, Jessica and Sarah share personal stories that illustrate how even childhoods that paint an unlikely picture for success can transform into dynamic leaders in adulthood. This session highlights how kids who grow up in homes with abuse and neglect can become resilient leaders. The session weaves personal story, relationship building tips, research, culturally responsive practices, and bold acts of caring encouragement. Attendees will walk away inspired to champion for their students to become future resilient leaders.