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Are We There Yet? #Principalcast podcast with Curt Rees

This is a tad late for most principals, since the end of the school year has already arrived, but the PrincipalCast crew enjoyed a great conversation with Curt Rees about the end of the school year for principals.

He offered suggestions and tips for ending the school year on a positive note. He suggests that principals get as much information to the teachers


as possible before leaving for the summer. He works very hard to get the schedule, class lists, and as much other planning for the new school year completed.

Curt encourages teachers and administrators to learn as much as possible over the summer. As for Curt, he will be continuing his Doctoral program at University of Kentucky, participating in chats through twitter, and doing lots of reading. He also suggests that educators spend time eating correctly and exercising to avoid the “end of the school year” burn out.

You can check download the podcast in your podcast app or check it out in its entirety on youtube:

Broadcasting School Events

brandedA great new podcast that I love listening to is BrandEd hosted by Joe Sanfelippo and Tony Sinanis.  Each episode shares ways that schools can communicate and share their positive news with parents/community.  We all know that we can’t count on news reporters to share the positive things happening in our schools, because the negative stories are the ones that make sensational headlines.  It is up to us to “tell our story” and share the great things we are doing in our school buildings.

I strive to “tell our story” by having a Principal’s Page on our website where I update pictures each month from my classroom walkthroughs to give parents a “window” into our school to see what our students are doing.  I also maintain a school Facebook page to not only share reminders, but easily share pictures/video clips of great things parents may not otherwise hear about.  (*If you’re wondering why I don’t have a Twitter account for our school it is because I surveyed parents and none of them were on Twitter).

Live-brodcastOn the most recent BrandEd podcast, they were joined by Joe Mazza who is well known on Twitter for starting #PTchat (parent teacher chat) and helping to pave the way for administrators and educators to open the door for connections with parents. In this interview with Joe, he shared the idea of broadcasting or having a livestream online from school events to allow parents to view even if they cannot attend in person.

I had heard of this idea before, but since I heard this podcast a week before a scheduled assembly I decided it was time to try it.  I set up an account at ustream.tv, created a channel for our broadcast, created a shortened weblink using bitly.com to make it easy for parents to type in, and then let parents know by sending home a flyer (yes, we still use those!) and put it on our Facebook page.  During our assembly, the highest number of viewers we had was 42, although I’m not sure how many were from our community, because I did also tweet it out.  I did have a few parents comment to me or on our Facebook page that they watched it and thought it was neat that we could do that.

Now that I have our first live broadcast under our belt, I’m wondering what other events should I broadcast to invite parents to be connected from home/work? I’d love to hear from other educators on what events you have broadcasted from your school. 

Learn How to Be a Digital Leader

Here it is…the recorded PrincipalCast podcast #14 with Eric Sheninger!

You will also be able to download/subscribe to the podcast in iTunes or in BeyondBod on android.

A Discussion with Todd Whitaker

If you haven’t already heard it, here is the Google Hangout PrincipalCast Podcast with Todd Whitaker!  It’s an hour of great discussion with Todd about keeping healthy, teacher morale, What Great Principals Do Differently, Dealing with Difficult Teachers, The Secret Solution and much more!

If you don’t have time to sit and watch the hangout you can find the podcast in iTunes or in BeyondPod (for my android friends).

Too Little Time?

I have listened to podcasts from BAM Radio Network for years now, so you can imagine my excitement when I was contacted by Rae Pica to join in on a podcast.  I have joined in on other podcasts before, but I was still nervous for this one!

Over the years I have been learning new strategies to keep myself organized and efficient with my time, while struggling to meet the many demands of the principal role so the topic of “Too Little Time?” was well needed for me.

Click HERE to listen to the podcast

While I had the chance to share a few of my thoughts, I enjoyed learning from the other podcasters as well.  Professor Zoe Chance shared the following research on time management: “when people perform very brief, random acts of kindness, helping others they can feel as though they have more time.”  Their studies found that repeatedly, people that help others, it contributes to the feeling of having more time.  She went on to share that “feelings of awe and wonder” feel that they have more time and are more productive. When you have this feeling, you feel present in the moment.

I found these findings very interesting, because even though it takes time each day for me to contribute to my Professional Learning Network (PLN) on Twitter, it has always made me feel good to share with others, because it also requires me to reflect on the ideas I am sharing.  Lisa Dabbs then pushed the idea of “unplugging” and finding balance, which is something that I am working on too!

So, how does an administrator get into that feeling of “awe and wonder” to be present in the moment?  I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, that you can learn a great deal from Getting Things Done and the productivity tips for administrators at Eduleadership.  I have found the app Remember the Milk to be an extremely helpful tool for me to manage the never ending list of everything I have to get done.  My desk used to be cluttered with post-it notes of everything I needed to do, but now everything goes into this app. If something pops into my head, I immediately put it in Remember the Milk so I can get it out of my head and focus on what task or conversation I have at hand.  Remember the Milk allows me to schedule what day I am going to complete a task, prioritize the list, add notes to each, make it a recurring to-do, and create separate lists that I can use for projects.


I’d love to hear your favorite tips to keep yourself organized and efficient with your time so that you can find that state of “awe and wonder” and be in the moment.